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We design special pasteurizers according to the demands of each user. With the fully automatic pasteurization system, we prevent user errors and obtain perfect product quality.

Capacity range: 500lt/h-40.000lt/h

Products: Milk & dairy productsIce cream mixJuiceBrineHoneyEgg

Advanced automation technology

One-touch automatic product receive & product finalization and remote access

Automated reporting of the CIP Unit and production record.

Provides maximum product safety with the control of temperature and pressure at every point

Quick installation and Start up

All leakage and temperature tests are carried out in our factory and shipped ready to use on the chassis.

Fast and flawless installation in your factory with our expert automation and assembly team

Fully Automatic CIP Mode

Ability to perform CIP in itself with automatic pollution detection.

Automatic CIP with a single button or at the end of the product finalizing phase.

Ability to perform independent CIP with low chemical solution usage.






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