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CIP Unit

We produce fully automatic CIP units with a range of single pressure line to 5 pressure lines according to the demands of the facilities.

Atc Process CIP Ünitesi

Utilization areas : Milk & dairy production facilitiesJuice factoriesPharmaceutical and chemical industryProcessed food factories

Fully Automatic Control

Independent control of pressure, flow, temperature, concentration and time for each washing point

It provides perfect hygiene by communicating with all washing points in the factory.

Provides traceability and reports the record of each CIP process step

Prevents user failures

It provides savings in chemical substance consumption with the help of automatic dosing system.

Longlasting Material

All materials which are used in stainless steel equipment and tanks are AISI 316 quality.

We use SMS standards or DIN11850 measurements which complying with hygienic conditions and in all CIP and food lines.

Gasket and pump group materials are equipped with materials which resistant to high temperature and chemical effects.






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